Sunday, June 10, 2012


This lake powell trip will forever be one of my favorite vacations. I loved every single girl that went, and we were all so fun and drama-free. We spent all day boating, and eating otter pops, and loading on the tanning oil, and hanging out with "the boys". At night we would watch a movie, or just talk about high school and life and it was a great last bonding trip before everyone goes to high school!  I cant believe 4 of my best friends are leaving me. I dont think it has hit me yet, but when it does Ill be a wreck. Mackenzie Sam Cassidy and Katie have been some of the Worlds greatest friends. I have been so blessed to have them in my life and hope we all stay close. But anyways.... here are some LAKE POWELL PICS.

DJ MIKEEEEE. he was the greatest sport and so nice to take all of us girls!

Also Paige peed on a rug
and the house boat smelt of rotten eggs when the water was turned on

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Natalie said...

hahaha paige peed on a rug?!! this looked like a total blast! i swear i've looked through your facebook albums like five times today, always having so much fun!