Saturday, June 16, 2012

As of Lately...

After returning home from vacation, I have been up to saying a lot of Farewells! It was sad, but then I remembered i would see them in like a month. So its really not a big deal. My cute friend Trent got his mission call to Spain and i couldnt be more excited for him! 
1. Here is the cutie date Mason took me on! F1, Hyatt swimming, Chiptole. So fun.
 2. Here is the cute wedding i went to to hang out with M&M
 3. Paige Ash and I attended singles ward. umm.... yeah.
 4. I spent Macks last day going to the mall, and the apple store, and getting froyooo Have a smiley day
 5. Im missing Lake Powell
 6. Paige and i like pictures of ourselves
 7. Watching Bachelor PLL And SYTYCD with my cousin witney in it!
 8. Going to the movies with Allyson
 9. Saying farewell to elder Upchurch... sad
 10. Taking the sibs to sonic, shortly afterwards the alarm was set off. Chase thought it was the TV, whoops
 11. having a rough time saying bye to Samantha

 12. Followed by a farewell dinner with katie and Cass

 13. babysitting the cutest kiddos
 14. more tears goodbye to sam
 16. FROYO
 17. Tango calls
 18. more babysitting
 19. Last lunch date for a while with my buddy Dean

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