Sunday, June 3, 2012

Heaven is Here

I just finished reading this....
And i think it may have changed my life a little. I think this is the only book (besides the book of Mormon obvi) that has made me cry. It was such a touching story about Stephanie Nielsons recovery. More than anything this book made me grateful for everyday things. Not just being grateful for an amazing family, a life with the knowledge of the gospel, shelter, food, a car, but for having a healthy beautiful body. For being able to bend my knees and brush my own hair. It was amazing to see how many things i dont recognize as blessings. Before her accident, Stephanie spoke of how she always woke up early, went on a run, and during that time would thank Heavenly Father for her many blessings. She was living a righteous life, and yet she had this terrible trial thrust upon her. Did she deserve what happened to her? No. not at all. But it was such a testimony strengthener to her, and to everyone who has heard of her. She has had to endure things most people will never have to go through, but she had a trial, and although it was hard, she had faith and hope. Something we all need to have during our trials. This is SUCH a good book, and i encourage EVERYONE to read it.

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