Saturday, July 31, 2010

EFY 2010

i loved efy with witney capri carson!

so on the first glorious day of checking in i still had a HORRIBLE eye infection... to the point where you couldnt see any white on my eye. SWEET. anyways... witney and i were assigned to stay in tingey hall! (in honor of my dear friend paige tingey) that meant we were in heritage halls.... which meant we had to eat at the morris center which was NASTY!
ew. so day one continues and we meet the company. First we met the other girls, 2 of which, gentry and mccall, went to jr. high with me! the boys in our group were not the cutest, but they were super fun and funny! We had a family night, made goals for the week, and that ended day one!

My eye was still red. i was so mad! after i got over that, we went to scripture study! i loved that part of everyday, im terrible at reading my scriptures. SO it was nice to be able to finally have 45 minutes of pure scripture study, after we went to breakfast and then off to classes! witney and i ALWAYS met up with Derek pennington and Blake k. Johnson! They are the funniest boys EVER.  We went to one class that was AMAZING with brother Hall, then we would go to one about food poisoning and wonder why the heck are we here?! after NASTY LUNCH, we went to more classes! That night we had the Tuesday night efy dance! i used to enjoy it SO much. i think i am sort of getting to old for hannah montana and highschool musical which makes me really sad!

Wednesday went pretty much the same as tuesday, except for that night we had games night and a pizza party! i wish i remembered the words to our skit at game night! we DOMINATED! chet JAMBA norman was an amazing mormon rapper! pizza night was sort of a bummer considering girls cant eat worth a crap!

Thursday is always my favorite. i love this day so much. It starts be dressing up in sunday dress, and having a big fireside with you session. After which, you seperate from the boys and go to a young woman class. i wouldve enjoyed it a lot if i wasnt so tired.... haha after all those classes, we prepared for testimony meeting. THAT WAS AMAZING. i loved being able to sit by witney during that and feel our cousin bond grow stronger. It always takes me forever to bear mine! and at the end of mine this year i made the weirdest noise from crying /laughing when i looked at witney! loved it


Friday consisted of Strength of Youth classes and a DANCE. before the dance though witney and i escaped into the creamery for dinner so we didnt have to eat the NASTY morris center food. The dance was OUTSIDE AND FREAKING HOT. holy cow i cant enjoy a dance outside in the sun. not fun! After all the exciting things we all met as a company and had one last devotional. i started crying so much. My counselors this year were beyond the best. Skyler T. Pyne is the man. he made the week so fun, but yet he had a really strong testimony and spiritual side. We had a special dance and did it all the time and i just loved him! 


Rylee and baylee said...

hey ally! cute blog. I'm following you!!!

see you at church or golden spoon, hee hee.

:) rylee

Kim Matheny said...

Happened to just stumble on your blog, and it's adorable! Efy is always the best- byu is just my favorite place everr

Rachel Schlappi said...

okayy I'm staying in Tingey as of now like as in for college for a year forever and it sucks... but what room??

Ally said...

i was downstairs.... like the first door down there i forgot which one!