Tuesday, July 13, 2010

AASC 2010

Student council camp was definitely an adventure i will NOT forget.
Tuesday, July 6, 8 a.m. we arrive at MVT ready to go to a camp that was said to be "an emotional roller coaster" The bus went to the wrong school and ended up getting us around 9. We were late arriving to Pine summit camp in Prescott, so we didn't have time to stop for lunch... that made me love camp right from the start! We waited a good hour to register and get all our stuff settled in our somewhat nice dorms. The camp leaders really focused on meeting new people, and branching out so we were not in the same room, or group as anyone from our school... YIKES.
The day started by meeting together with all 400 or so Stu.Co. kids. it was hot, (duh its Arizona) and the gym smelled. The second we walked in music started playing and allllll the kids in there were dancing like crazy! That is my kind of people! After a little camp welcome we got to experience screaming with our "families" for food. Literally we had to SCREAM for food. The loudest "family" got to eat first... and our family was small, so of course we usually got to eat last. SWEET. After dinner and a few more meetings, we headed to bed. AT MIDNIGHT. longest day of my life. I was so excited to go to bed but i couldn't... why? BECAUSE the dang heater in my room was broken and made my room 100 degrees no joke! bleh.
RUSHHHH to the showers. Trying to beat 100 other girls in 5 showers is quite an adventure. even if you do beat most of the girls the chances of having hot water are verrrrry slim.
After getting ready, we had to meet up with our families to scream for food! again. yay.
after being almost last again i was pretty much done with camp! after breakfast we had a council meeting, then a general session with half the participants, then Scream for lunch, the C.M. and G.S. the general session for this day was actually really cool. We had a lesson on diversity, and the session director had everyone get in a big circle. While in the circle, dodge would tell say "anyone who is a male walk to the middle, and all males would walk in the middle. it got really interesting when he started saying religions. It was crazy how many different religions there were in such a limited number of kids. When they said mormon or latter day saints, my heart sort of skipped a beat. I felt so good that i was able to proudly walk in the middle with my good friend Cassidy Brown, and represent my church. After all this we had to then scream for dinner then games of some sort and another C.M. and G.S.
bed at 11. thankfully
rush to showers. get ready. scream for breakfast. cm and gs. scream for lunch. cm and gs. scream for dinner. meet with everyone, and do something inspirational. The inspiration for this day was crazy. We had the lady come and try to make us believe in ourselves. to test it out, she brought 500 boards. each participant had to break a 1 inch thick board with our hands. Everyone was so pumped... except for me! it scared the crap out of me! how the heck was i suppose to turn into a ninja in 5 minutes?! it was my turn to break it and my counsel group (F2) Started cheering for me like crazy! it was so cool and i just broke it! nbd. pretty cool if you ask me! One of these days we had to look into the eyes and hold hands with EVERY SINGLE PERSON at the camp. it was weird to see how different and unique everybody was. I loved part of this because i got to bond with my mountain view stu.co. so cool.
we did all the basic stuff along with had a western banquet, listened to speeches, and had a dance!
i was MORE than happy to come home.
the bus was stupid. but who gives a crap!
i actually had fun at some parts believe it or not. My favorite part was bonding with emmy wright, cassidy brown, cami shreeve, katie clark, and conrad nicoll. i love mvt stu.co.

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Cassidy Brown said...

i love ally taylor!! and i definitely love this post! you said it perfect! but i don't think anyone could really understand stuco camp... it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience! haha but seriously lunch?? soon! love youuu!