Saturday, August 14, 2010

School school does not rule!

School is great. USUALLY. This year is a little bit different.
Last year was fun because it was my first year of the high school experience!
The year before that was fun because i saw chase at school everyday!
This year is fun because... because... ill let you know when i find out.

This year i was excited to make new friends and have new classes. It all starts with a-hour.
SEMINARY. i love seminary. Except this year i have only 2 friends in my class... and my teacher is
not my favorite yet! hopefully it gets better as the year goes on. or maybe i dont like it because it starts at
the crack of dawn. Who knows!

After seminary i go to student council. What a great part of the day! I really love that place a lot. I love the people in it. ESPECIALLY Emmy, Brimley, Cassidy, Camie, and Conrad. i LOVE StuCo. enough said.

After my favorite classes i head to history. I only love it because one of my FAVORITE people ever is in there with me! Nathan Christopher Bohn.  What a great guy. My teacher is wayyyy chill and i should have a really good time in that class!

i know its exciting so far, but im not even half way through! 3 hour i have Pre-Cal. Why i am taking it? i have no dang idea!  i LOVEEEE that class a lot. It has a lot of my friends and im excited to be in there!

4 hour is Anatomy. It sounds like hard work but im really excited to learn about the body and how it works and stuff! weird? YEP! I have Kendall, Brimley, Cassidy, Mackkk daddy, and Abb in there to make it fun!

5 hour i have spanish 3. Last year it sounded like a good idea... its weighted, i want to learn spanish, and it should not be that hard, I WAS WRONG. so far i hate it. i know i am suppose to have a positive attitude and crap but really people what a joke! and to make matters worse i know one person in there... AH

english is bad enough as it is. dear Teacher, writing an essay is not going to make me love class at all. just so you know. 

THAT. is my junior year Schedule. Fun? not quite. Hopefully it just gets better from here.
On a side note....

Last night i hung out with my friend Paige Tingey. I dont think anyone else can make me have as much fun as she does. I just love her a lot. She picked me up and we headed to brandon's after a pit stop to sonic! we played games for a litttle bit then just hung out! After a little while i left and went to my friend Matt Willet's! He has the GREATEST house ever. and i just love his family! i like meeting new people and hanging out with new friends! hopefully i make more this year to mix things up a little bit! Thats all for today!

a tay out.

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Rachel Schlappi said...

stalker i know... but peace and blessings! i love that. i assume you got that from glozell... if not you need to watch her STAT.
have a fun junior year!! it was my favorite of all time. no joke.

ps, i know we dont reaaally know eachother but its all good. i think you're adorable and have a cute blog!
consider me a follower :)