Saturday, July 3, 2010


This past week was so fun. Mondayyy was my wonderful friends birthday! AUBREE ALLEN is OFFICIALLY 16. Hallelujah. Monday morning sister allen planned a surprised birthday breakfast at Crackers and co. SO DELICIOUS. After breakfast, aubree and i drove out to san tan mall to do a little birthday shopping! after that, we went to in-n-out and RUSHED home to get ready for our date! Rj Massey took aubree and My good friend Brady frame took me! We went to the river and then had a bbq at the end! SO much fun.

Tuesday was also SO FUN. It started out by going boating with the Massey's! Lets just say tubing makes me SO sore. but its way worth it! After boating and work, i went to see the midnight showing of eclipse with Abby Tucker, Aubree, and Michaela! We are crazy. end of story.

Wednesday i had another date with an old friend Mitch Wallace. We went to goodwill (thrift store) picked out ugly outfits, and rode the light rail to tempe! When we arrived we went to get froyo and then walked down mill avenue to show off our outfits! it was a good time!

Excited for the holiday weekend! sleepover at Molly and Todds? heck yeah.

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Molly said...

Wooo party! Thanks for coming over...we had fun w/u my wonderful niece!!