Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Girls Camp 2010.

Oh girls camp. Lets just say i like it better in utah.. no offense arizona.
This year i was a YCL (youth camp leader). The ward i was a YCL for was Citrus Heights.
better known as GANGSTA HEIGHTS! Those girls were SUCH a blast. Rachel Crandell, Carli shockey, ramie amos, sarah hatfield... I LOVED BEING WITH YOU. We had lots of fun listening to Gina Waddupps talk about how hot she was back in the day, or listening to how she dropped suzy as a baby, or watching Caroline eat a bug, or watching spidey and squirrel dance...
haha anyways. The theme for camp this year was heroes! We had such great leaders. I always have good luck with having awesome leaders. Anyways throughout camp we had talent shows, firesides, musical numbers by CLYDE BAWDEN! As much fun as it was being stuck in 100 degree weather for 5 days with some girls who drive me crazyyy!... im glad i am home(;
a-tay out.

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Honore said...

SHELL YA!! Haha girls camp was the greatest with you Ally! Especially hearing Gina share her life story bragging about how ridiculously good looking she was.... Daaaaaang Gina! Haha love ya!!