Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The joys of summertime.

SO summer is going fabulous. Not having school everyday just lightens up my life. Everyday i wake up around 8, then have family scripture study, then do a few jobs, then go outside and soak up some sun, then work, then dinner, then hang out with Mackenzie Paige Tyson or Aubree. Typical day for a-tay.
Monday night my family and the Jones family decided to go out to eat at our favorite restaurant Spaghetti Factory. Instead of being boring and driving we decided to be a fun family and take the light rail! Always an adventure. After a delicious dinner it was time to head back to the car. We waited about 5 minutes for the light rail. When it came we could tell it was a little crowded so i went to the next car to see if there was more room... there wasnt, so i headed back to where my family was. As i arrive the door slides shut. I push the button to try to open it and it doesnt open... i see my dad trying to open the door and then the light rail zooms off. At first i was like oh hey no big deal ill just text my dad and tell him ill get on the next one.. But wait. My phone was DEAD. So here i am, a cute, little, innocent, teenage girl stuck in downtown phoenix alone with a dead phone. SWEEET. It really was so scary. There were homeless people everywhere and i didnt know what to do! Luckily my dad got off at the next stop, and hopped on the metro going the opposite direction. I definitely provided some great entertainment for the family. This was a greatttttt day in the life of ally taylor :)

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