Sunday, April 11, 2010

Prom Begins.

So. 2 weeks ago i got asked to prom. YES its a big deal. i got asked byyy Trevor Michaud. Before he asked me i had never met him. Yep thats right. Never talked to him, said hi, waved, nothing.. but i was still ecstatic. Yesterday was our prom day activity. SO FUN. easily voted the best date i've been on. It started at 12:30 when Trevor picked me up! After getting me, we headed to Monson Cowley's house. On the way, to our delight, Trevor and i found an old man in a speedo riding a bike. I laughed so hard.. i always have a thing for finding people like that... anyways! after meeting we headed out to F-1 raceway. (indoor go-kart race course). That place is a party. SO fun. highly recommended.. that is ,if you don't mind being bruised and shaken up a bit! After Trevor smoked me... we headed back for some burgers at Cody Stewarts! Such good food. While the rest of the group headed up to Fountain Hills for games, trevor and I headed to his brother's wedding reception! It was fun to meet all the family and take pictures and suchh! After all that we headed to meet up with the rest of the gang for a movie in the park! Most couples got bored and just ran around and played games. After star-gazing we headed back to Mesa. In Mesa we went and got some delicious ice cream and then went home. SUCH A FUN DATE. I highly recommend going on a date with someone you dont know very well. it worked for me!

countdown to Prom... 2 weeks.

a tay out.

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Heather said...

That is so cool that you went out on a date before your date. What a great idea, and it sounds like a blast!