Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sadies 2010.

WOW. im a slacker and havent blogged about a dance that was a month ago. whooooops.
Anyways. The whole sadies activities began with a day activity to Castles and Coasters.

SO FUN. Its just some ghetto wanna be amuestment park. At the park it Started raining so we left to in-n-out and yogurt land. I LOVE YOGURT LAND. The night of the dance started out by driving with mackenzie and michael to madi whitemans for pizza.

SO DELICIOUS. Brady decided to make a cheerio pizza? smooth. haa after dinner it was time for the dance. As usual it was hot, sweaty, but tons of fun! i love taking pictures with all my friends and just having such a good time. After the dance we rented out an ice skating rink for broom hockey.(hockey with a ball and tennis shoes)SO MUCH FUN.

sadies 2010=success.

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