Monday, April 26, 2010

Just lifee...

LIFE is fantastic. I am so happy lately and i love it! maybe its my awesome friends, maybe its my amazing family, maybe its the fact school is almost OVER, whatever it is... i like it. This past week i hung out with my friends Derek skousen Mackenzie skousen and kendall brown. These guys were like my first arizona friends. i LOVE them. we spent Friday night just goofin off and having a good time. The tube. The tube is a great adventure. We spent probably an hour just rolling down the hill in this HUGE cylindar tube. So much fun.. no matter how much it may have hurt... After the tube we headed to Bahama Bucks. Best place alive... no joke. SO GOOD. After we just hung out and played games and stuff. Nothing huge but a fun night none the less (:

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