Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween is near

Halloween is near and i still have no costume. Im still deciding what i want to be. I better decide pretty quick! On Thursday i went to my school's scare fair. It was fun to go and hang out with my buds! One of my friends went to the haunted house and came out crying because she was so scared. It probably wasn't that scary but it was enough to make me not want to go :)

Then on Saturday i went to my friends house and we watched the greatest gift. It is a great movie and you schould see it if you haven't already! Oh! And on Saturday We went shopping for Molly's dress. It's a really pretty ruffly dress. Then we went to Gap. Let me tell you i love that place they had all these dresses and shoes and shirts all for under 7 dollars! Im loaded for the next little while!

Sunday i had Stake Conference. It was pretty good except it took a while to get there and the place was FREEZING! Then we went to family night at Pete and Melissa's. Thanks Guys! There i was pleased to see my Uncle SAM! HE IS SO DANG RAD!!!!!!

Then today i went to school. Yay. Now i have to take 2 tests tomorrow so i gotta go study! See ya later!


Sam said...

Molly's dress is so dang keeee-ute!! Good to see you at the pah-tay. Have a good halloween. Im dressing up as Brigham.

Lizzie said...

Good luck on your tests ally!

Todd Taylor said...

I have a mullett wig you can borrow. My is pretty long already, so I don't need it to complete my Joe Dirt costume.