Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Shashi!

Shannon! Happy Birthday! Wish i could've been there! You are AN AWESOME aunt and are always such fun! You seem like a teenager to me! I love spending time with you and i love being with you and your family! I know when I'm with you I'll always have a fun time! I love you!

And i never really said Happy Birthday to Witters so Happy Birthday cuz! You are so cute and i can do anything with you and still have a fun time! We have been best friends since we were born and we will be all our lives! I love spending time with you and having sleep-overs with you! So happy late Birthday and i love you!

Did i miss anyone else?

So yesterday was Halloween. This year stunk. I wasn't really too excited as last year so i didn't really get a costume and ya. So i go trick or treating at 3 houses and during that time i lost my phone!!!! I'm pretty sure someone stole it because we looked for it FOREVER and still could not find so today me and mom put up flyers and so hopefully sometime this week i will be able to get my phone back!! Well i gotta go do some homework! See ya all later!


kt said...

Bummer! Sorry about your phone. I actually recall not enjoying Halloween much as a teen until we started planning parties at someone's house. That's more fun than trick-or-treat when you get older :)

Heather said...

No phone...lame. How about the M&M story? I wanna hear it!

katie said...

ally my mom says to call us. cuz every # WE HAVE CALLED ARE DISCONECTED!!!!! my mom wants to send her flowers. kay? sorry about your phone! i think i lost my camera trick or treatin cuz i cant find it either. yeah that thurl dude is a real famous jazz player. do you remember austin bitters? well he likes me now and i kinda like him too. Josh wright likes me too. this week we have YW night of excelance. we had our last cheer comp and we got 4th. we got these sweet medals. we got to the championchips and we won! so officially we have like the best football team. i really think that stinks about your phone. i always misplace things and think i lost them but then i find them. so maybe i didnt really lose my camera well gtg

*Witney* said...

Ally! You are so cute i love you so much!! I love how we always have such a blast when were together! I like go crazy! lol! Love you again!

Shannon said...

ALLYSUN....Thank you so much, i love to hear that i am like a Teenager! hehe
So you have obviously found your phone, cause we called you on it!
Or maybe you got a new one!!
Love you!