Thursday, October 25, 2007


Ok so My aunt Kelly taggeD me so i have to share 7 random facts about myself.

1.) I have a substitute in science with a tuppee he wears every day. He looks like Albert Einstein.

2.) I've seen every episode of Hannah Montana since it has came out. But im not obsessed.

3.)Me and my friends are the sisterhood of the traveling pants.
( Explain later in post )

4.)Im not allergic to anything that im aware of.

5.)I've been on a 60 hour car drive all in one trip
Texas to Utah = 24 hours
Utah to Arizona = 10 hours
Arizona to California = 5 hours
California to Arizona = 5 more hours
Arizona to Texas = 19 hours

6.)I enjoy shots more than the average person should.

7.) I have assigned seats on the bus and have to show the bus driver my I.D. every day starting Monday.

So i now tag ...
1.) Witney Carson
2.) Katie Parker
3.) Shannon Taylor
4.) Kelly Taylor
5.) Heather Taylor
6.) Dad
7.) Mom

Ok so my mom got me these really cute true religions so i brought them to school for my 3 of my friends to try on and it was so funny cause the pants fit us all and i was like hey we are just like the sisterhood of the traveling pants! It was really funny. Arizona is so hot at 1:00 pm outside. Today it was 93 outside and i was outside for 50 minutes and my face got so red!! But ya nothing too exciting! Well see you all lata!


Shannon said...

Ok...i am on it!! Give me a moment to think first!!

Todd Taylor said...

Did you sell your jeans?

kt said...

Thanks for the tag... 7 random facts coming up...

Kelly said...

So is that good or bad with the jeans? Now do you have to share them, write on them, send them around the world (oh, and never wash them)? If you are like me and your jeans are 5 inches too long for anyone you know, then you get your jeans all to yourself!

Candace said...

#6 scares me Ally :) Next time you can get my shots for me :)

chase said...

you are so obsessed with hannah montana!