Tuesday, June 5, 2007


Hello from San Diego!
How is everything going there? I bet it's a lot warmer there than it is here!! Here it's only 60 degrees! So it's a little chilly. So far everything has been really fun! We've been shopping A LOT and to the beach and to the pool and lots of great restaurants! My favorite part had been shopping at Bath and Body Works. Everything there is on sale now and my favorite lip gloss is only two bucks! I love it!! Plus i got this new island coconut body spray and it is probably may new favorite smell it smells so good! I would be posting a lot of pictures right now but i dont have the cord that plugs into my camera. So i'll be sure to post all my pictures later. Gotta go to bed! Have a good week everyone!
Ally Tay

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Lizzie said...

we are going to try and hit up the sale at bath and body tomorrow. i hope there is some good stuff left! Have fun in cali!