Saturday, June 2, 2007

School is out!

Wow! School is out! This had probably been the fastest school year i've ever had! It had also been my favorite. It was so sad to leave all my friends! I was the only one crying. I guess no one else was really that sad. Yesterday was the first offical day of summer. My mom got us monthly passes to the A.F. rec center. So i think we are going to go swimming everyday. I also got a coldsore. I hate coldsores so bad! They hurt like crap! Today we plan to go to the pool and start packing for our San Diego trip! I'm way excited 'cause on that trip i get 40 dollars! Because i didn't have any pop or candy for one month! Well gotta go clean the house so we can go swim! Have a an awesome day!

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JT said...

SD will be fun! Get packing.