Saturday, June 9, 2007

Home sweet home

Well we are Home! This had been an AWESOME trip! We went to a bunch of really good resteraunts and shopping everyday (almost.) One of my most favorite parts was going to bath and body works cause they are having a huge sale of course! We also joked around a lot. For example we were in the car telling all these old dumb jokes and riddles so i said what had 10 letters and starts with gas?(The Real answer is automobile) Right before i gave away the answer my mom says "Ally Taylor"! Ha how funny is that? Me and Chase were Cracking up! I took my camera on this trip so i have a bunch of pictures of me! He He! Plus i have a picture of my all time favorite temple! It is so gorgeous i love it! Have an awesome day! Sorry guys i have to do another post cause it won't let me put more than 5 at a time. Can't you tell i love my sunglasses?

Ally Taylor


Lizzie said...

Cute Pics Al. Your mom was right, but you should have said and... "Jane Taylor" :)

Shannon said...

I LOVE those glasses on you!
You look like a little Cutie in them!
I love that you won "Best Eyes" in junior High!

Shannon said...

Oh i bet the car was "a stinky" when you were cracking your Jokes!

Did anyone Throw up? Let me guess...Brooke?

JT said...

very funny, liz.

Todd Taylor said...

Love the picture of the temple. I'm glad you liked the trip.

bj said...

luv you're pics!