Thursday, May 3, 2012

They all had a birthday shout hooooooray

Holy cow. Ive missed so much. Major catch up.
Some of my favorite people had birthdays! All these girls have become my very best friends this year, and sophie and dad i love you! if i forgot you, Im so sorry. My brain sometimes doesn't work.
April 4- MICHAELA!
Michaela is one of the SWEEEEEETEST girls i have ever met. She is the BEST listener, and is so nice about everyone. She is so stinking skinny, healthy, and PRETTY. I'm so happy she lives down the street and that she moved into my life! Love you! 
April 29- ALLYSON
 Sorry Al i had to.
Allyson and i have been friends since 8th grade. When i first moved here, she was the first new person i met at school orientation... which she probably doesnt remember but i do! She and I have grown close through exercise and Nacho Libre. I love Allyson for her fun/hilarious personality and she is always herself. I love this beautiful lady! Happy Birthday! love yoU!
April 15-Samantha Rae!
OH MY SAMM. Sam is the weirdest, funniest, awkwardest, funnest friend ever. She is seriously one of the only reasons i like high school still. She and I have become super close this year and i am so grateful to have her in my life! She is SO sweet, so good with kids, and is the best dancer I know. She accepts my family and our quirks and I love her for that! Sam. Happy late birthday! Love you!

aPRIL- 15 Dadddddddy-o
This is my daddy. I love him! He isnt that old, and he rocks his calling up on the stand. Im so happy i CHOSE him to be my dad and I will miss him and my mom a lot when i move to college! 

More about Prom soon.. I promise

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