Thursday, February 16, 2012


OKAY okay. here we go. BEAR WITH ME.
first off...
SADIES 2011.
I went with NICK JACKSON. Nick and I have been friends since I very first moved here and we had a great time together! Dinner was at my house... My mother did a great job decorating! And thank you for getting the tables Dad!
This is why chase and i get along so well.                                  
The Bestie                                           

This is my date Nicholas Rodwell Jackson ^^^^^^^^
So the dance was getting pretty crazy as usual. Flashing lights, sweaty kids, the usual. Some girls in my ground start a Congo line... you know i was in. So i hope in, start doing my thing and... YES. i fall. all the way. i create a Congo Catastrophe. The whole domino effect came into play... it was awesome. But not as awesome as my bruise. check it.
Cassidy and Katie invited me to an ASU fashion show with them... hosted by the FENCING CLUB?? yeah it was weird, but we got free food and had fun? Thats all that counts right?
                                                  I love my Best friends.
My parents are always good about getting us cute valentines... this year was no different. Thank you parentals. Boys this year slacked on the valentines... But i got a cute one from a friend in Utah... THANK YOU SIR. Its nice to know some boys have feelings. haha
Then i headed to Cassidys for our annual holiday toast. Little did i know i would be getting a toast and a show! i love that woman. 

One of my best guy friend Brandon asked me on a date to the SUNS game! He had special passes that got us free food, and we sat SECOND ROW. it was such a fun game with SO much entertainment. We had a good time! Thanks Dean!

FINALLY.... Sammy O. and I were good friends and went to support Matthew in his horse show! I've been to see Matt and his horses a few times and he always does a great job! I love being around his family, and Sam and i had so much fun with him! Then we headed off to Rubios for a nice dinner! 

Ill try not to be a slacker so i don't have to do these make up posts.... 

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Emma Karen said...

Oh my gosh. I'm dying at Cassidy. Seriously, too classic!!! Love you girls and miss you tons!