Sunday, December 4, 2011


please excuse my lack of blogging... i didnt forget your birthday i promise!
1. FIRST OFF. look how cute we are... i mean seriously.
 2. She is outgoing. just "ASK ME" rofl. she knows how to have a good time.
 3. We have been friends since i moved here. She is such a blessing in my life and has been since day 1!
 4. She alwayssss invites me to do fun things with her. She loves to include me and i love that!
 5. She has great fashion sense. Checkk it outt
 6. We go to dances together <3 mostly so we can take cute pictures... (see below)
 7. She has an odd obsession with cups and ice and water. i love her healthyness.
 8. She is so pretty. Honestly...
 9. She and paige are such good friends... They love me and show it.
 10. She always compliments others. No one can hate Mackenzie
 11. Mack is TORO tough. This girl really loves her school and she SHOWS it.
 12. She knows when to be serious, and when to not be. She doesnt speak bad of others, and she is a great example to me.
 13. She's just cute! how could you not be friends with this!
 14. She always remembers my birthday, and stuff that is important to me. She is caring.
 15. She doesn't care what others think of her. She has her standards, and she keeeps them.
 16. We did stapley basketball... this girl is athletic to the mooon and backkk.
 17. She is a friend to everyone. She is fun, and such a good dancer!
 18. She always cheers me up, and she will always go to the temple, or go out to eat with me!
This girl is studious, and works her butt off!
She doesn't like animals that much.. like me!
We go on many dates together... like this one! these twins really like us and we hang out all the time.
Most importantly. this girl has my back. no matter what. we have never fought, never argued, and THAT is one heck of a friend. HappY Birthday MACK

Love ally.

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