Monday, November 21, 2011


November 13 is a wonderful day. Why? Because its CASSIDY BROWN'S BIRTHDAY! (and Dallin Gherks) But anyways. Cassidy and i have become the bestest of friends this year. 18 reasons why i love her....
1. She thinks of me when she is away, A true friend indeed.

2. We are ALWAYS together. Lunch, weekends, dates, the usual. and i dont get annoyed. Yeah shes special.
3. She always goes to the temple with me. Even though we always miss walk ins, we still go a ton. A righteous friend is a good friend. Shes also Laurel President and Seminary President. BIG DEAL.
4. She's my twin. Literally... 
5. Cassidy comes from a great family. Getting along with her family helps me love and appreciate her more! i love the Browns.
6. Cassidy love my family! i like friends that are nice to my family. so Cass i like you.
7. Cass ALWAYS will go get food with me. Even if she doesn't appreciate some places like i do...
8. i like Cassidy because She takes me to IHOP at midnight for my birthday. She is so thoughtful.
9. Cassidy is.. well she's flexible. Whether it be showing off her cheer moves or putting her leg on the counter, Cassidy is flexible.
10. We are just cute friends! We have never been in a fight, or anything close. We get along so well and we always have a good time together!
11. i love Cassidy because she is GORGEOUS. I mean look at her. How cute is she?!
12. i love Cassidy because she makes funny jokes. Shes a funny girl.
13.  She does crazy things with me, like lay on the elevator floor. dont ask....
14. Cassidy is real good with Boys. She knows how to work it. even at 1 o clock in the morning!
15. Cassidy really knows how to work the smoky eye and have a good time. She has confidence, and is happy and it rubs off on me!
16.She is always making yummy treats and is always willing to have a girl night! Her husband will be a fat very lucky man.
17. Student council brought us together. Im SOOOO beyond greatful for the chance i had to meet her and become such awesome pals.
18. Mostly i just love Cassidy because she completes me. Seriously i dont know what my life would be like without her! Shes put into my life for a reason and im so thankful she was! love you Sassy!

(Mackenzie yours is coming soon... stay tuned baby!)


Alison said...

We love Cassidy AND Ally, because they are both HOTTIES! :)

Emma Karen said...

Oh my heck. I love both of you!!!! I want to hang out with you guys. Is that allowed? kcool.