Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Winter Formal?!

So while i was out of town, i heard someone was going to ask zach steiner... the boy i wanted to ask! so i did the smartest thing i could think of. called kelsey freeman! That girl has my back. She drove right to the store and asked that boy for me! what a great friend. So Winter Formal 2010 is with Zachary Ryan Steiner, and i am way excited!


Heather said...

Sorry about your teeth...I guess you'll never be as smart as your Aunt Heather. I still have all 3 of mine. Does that make me less smart since I never had a full set? Don't answer that.
I love you. Have fun at the fancy pants dance!

nicole said...

what else are friends for? thats awesome!

Rylee and baylee said...

Cute!!! ~rylee