Friday, October 15, 2010

Paige Elizabeth Tingey.

TODAY is a special day, the day of paige tingey's birth. here are 17 reasons why i love paige.

number 1. You support me. Like in coming to my 16 birthday party.
 2. You come to dances looking like ANTM
  3. You make car rides and wiener restaurants fun.

 4.  You know how to make a jumpsuit rock.
 5.  You are still a model, even before a hard core stapley bball game.
 6. Baller. 'Nuf said.
 7. You have been my friend since i moved here. 
 8. You make Photo shoots fun, and really know how to Hitch us a ride
 9. You are so nice, especially to derek.
 10. You are TORO Tuff
 11. You really stand out in a crowd.
 12. You help me have fun wherever we go
 13. You try to die your hair purple, but instead its orange and you love it.
 14. You sing me happy birthday... in public.. allowing me to text boys finally
 15. You have fun with food.

16. You light up a room.

17. But mostly, i just love paige because she is one of my best friends. happy birthday pahi