Sunday, May 16, 2010

Talky Talk Talk.

I love the feeling of having just finished a talk after going through a sacrament meeting just wanting to explode with nerves. I gave my 4 talk today on Service. I didnt cry til about the second page so i did pretty darn good! i love sitting on the stage and noticing the funny things people do to entertain themselves. For Example: a 17-year old boy in my ward today was playing with a rubber band during the sacrament. "somehow" he launched it 4 rows up and it hit the relief society president in the back of the head! i could not stop laughing. so funny! After my church, I made aubree come with me to hear my good friend jacob sing, as well as hear his brothers farewell talk. I love the spirit you can feel through music. Ive always loved piano and music and the spirit always touches me through song.

Yesterdayyy morning at 6 am student council had a service project cleaning up my high school! It was not my favorite thing to be doing at 6 am but it was good to bond with the stud. co. crewww! I was with Cassidy, Emmy, And Katie most of the time and it was so fun. I LOVE THEM! i can tell student council will be so fun next year.

FUNNY STORY. so. On friday i got an 94 on my chemistry test. That is unreal considering how much i stink at stupid chem! so i told my mom and she drove me to sonic. She gets to the drive through and the girl's voice comes throught the intercom.
"hi welcome to sonic my name is hayley how may i help you?"
MOM: hi hayley. My daughter just got an A on her chemistry test so im here buying her a drink!
hayley: Oh... good job?
soooooooo funnnnnnny.

This is the 2 to last week of school. PARTY! So far this is my game plan for the summer.
1. girls camp.
2. California with some friends

3. student council camp...
5. get TAN
6. make moneyy!
A-tay out.

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