Wednesday, May 12, 2010

11 days.

11 days. til what? THE END OF SCHOOL! not that I'm counting or anything.... Anyways! i don't understand why teachers think its okay to LOAD up on homework the last 2 weeks of school... We have done homework all year. its time for a break and quite frankly I'm sick of it! AHH

on top of this lovely week i have to prepare a talk for church on Sunday! I am not a big fan of speaking in church. My face gets super red and i am an emotional child. The topic is service. Easy right? TOO EASY. this topic is so broad and there is so much i could speak on. Hopefully it goes well...!

Last Thursday i went with the young women to the Gila Valley Temple open house. It was my first open house and i loved every minute of it. Even though its small, the spirit felt there is unbelievable. So much detail goes into temples and I'm learning to love and appreciate them more everyday. The celestial room was unreal. I cant even describe the feeling and beauty there.

Besides that life is good. i love my friends. especially Ashlyn Cowley lately. She is amazing. Such a great friend.

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