Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break 2010.

Today is the last day of Spring Break. I am not looking forward to going back to school. Im actually dreading it. But so is everyone else so its okay! haha this week was speant in UTAH! i love being able to go visit old friends and family so often! We stayed at Shannon and Cory's which is always nothing but fun! Monday we drove all day and arrived at about 7. When pulling up my eyes meet my cute new car!

LIL RAYYY! i Love that thing! (even if i cant drive it yet because its stick shift...) That night we just unpacked and took a quick trip to walmart! Tuesday came and we went to JUMP ON IT

Super fun. After Jump On It we ran to the grocery store for a mintue! while there i recognized an old friend working! i rolled down the window and said hi and 3 minutes later i had a date for the weekend! hah funny stuff..Wednesday was quite the adventure. School with Witney. Thats right. I went to AF high school during spring break. Am i crazy? yes. did i sorta like it? yes. We woke up bright and early and went to german physics andd SEMINARY. Seminary was definitely the best part of the day. One of the boys in her class was a boy i went to elementary school with. While taking a test in class he barked. yes barked. the sounds that dogs make. Everyone just turned and stared at him and he said "WHY ARE YOU ALL STARING AT ME?!" and a boy in the class said "uh dude. you just barked!" haha it was seriously one of the funniest things ever! But i loved seeing some old friends and going to Gandolfos for lunch with wit! Later that day Witney, me, chase and Jaxon went to Coldstone. Cake batter raspberry graham cracker. SO ADDICTING. anyways while there we see a man in a skirt. A MAN IN A SKIRT. i guess you could call it a "kilt" but it was still flipping weird! Thursday was spent shopping and going to get cupcakes! super yummy. Later that night we had a small family get together and had delicious hamburgers. so good. At 8:30 my friend Josh Gibb came over and picked me up for a quick date! We went with witney and her date matt. So fun. we went to go get ice cream at maggie moos but sadly it was closed. so was starbucks. We can always count on coldstone as a backup! so to coldstone we went! it was HILARIOUS. just a fun date! Friday was the day to ski. It took probably 3 hours just to get to the resort, my parents are brave people. Sophie definitely looked so cute in her little snow get up!
She is adorable. but anyways.. it was pretty fun and the weather wasnt too terrible!

Later on that evening witney came over for a little bit and we took a quick trip to take some pictures at walmart! we have good times.

Saturday we packed up our bages and headed home. my daddy and i drove lil ray home. It was a good time having people drive by and laugh seeing such a manly man drive a cute lil sunshine car! haha more later...

love a tay

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ally! cutest blog ever! i love it!!