Monday, March 1, 2010


This past week has been.. crazy. absolutely crazy. Emotional roller coaster that is for sure! Even though this may not have been the best week, it was a good one for me to grow closer to my heavenly father. He is always there for me and helps me with any problem or struggle i may have. Im also especially greatful for my mom. She is almost always on my side and gives me comfort when i need it most. Friday Molly picked me up from school early and we headed out to Spaghetti Factory (spag fag)! That place will be owned by the Beeson family one day. We keep them in buisness!! Afterwards we took a quick stop at Last Chance and headed on home. After a little relaxation, preperations for the second year of volunteering began. Gotta love freezing cold races with idiot radio guys. i swear i will not volunteer for ragnar again. even though i sleep in the car most of the time anyways.. haha! But this year was extra eventful because a runner from a near by highschool got hit by a car while running! Not very cool! anyways.. after a quick Jack in the Box run at 4 am it was time to go to bed! Saturday comes and Molly and Todd treat me to Red Robin. SO flipping delicious. as always. Afterwards it was time to come home and get ready for work. Good thing i was locked out. It gave me some nice bonding time with rocky... sick! It would have been an okay time if i didnt have to go to the bathroom so bad! Anyways.. eventful weekend. Hoping for a better one this week!


Molly said...

Thanks for hanging out with us! We love having you over! =) Stupid ham radio guy!! I'm glad you had fun...and that you got to bond with Rocky!! Love you!

Em said...

Ally i love you!