Sunday, January 10, 2010


okay soo it is time for the next dance. CLEARLY Game time baby! i think its so funny how all the girls compete to ask their 'dream boy' haha its amusing. Last night i asked one of my best guy friends . This is like the fun CRAZY dance so i wanted to ask someone who i can have a good time with . Braden eric frame. Brady was one of my FIRST friends after i moved here. we clicked super fast and get along wonderful! he is so funny and we've had a lot of great times! Aubree allen came with me to ask him. A friend from work suggested i say " FIDDLE WITH THE MIDDLE TO SOLVE THE RIDDLE" so i had OREOS and opened them and wrote the words will you go to sadies with me all in different oreos. We dropped it on the doorstep and ran. Good thing im so GRACEFUL and lost my shoe and slipped running away. smooth ally. Anyways im looking forward to this. Hopefully mr frame is too!


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