Saturday, January 9, 2010

Having a job

I love golden spoon. I love having a job even if it means not hanging out with my friends every weekend. i love the golden spoon owners and their cute family. Their daughter amanda is a great friend of mine and she took some cute pictures of me and another friend for photo. One of the best parts of working is just interacting with so many different people. For instance. Last night i was helping just a regular customer, and he said it looked so good because he hadn't had golden spoon in two years. i asked why and he said because he was on a mission! So later i rang him up and he popped the heyy do you want to hang out question! hah i just looked at him as he got his phone out to get my digits. haha i said, um I'm only 16... he picks up his yogurt and runs out the door. It was great. I cant wait to see what other joys await me.

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