Friday, July 18, 2008

Utah Girls camp 2008

This past week Ive been at girls camp! i met a few new beehives and just LOVE them! I had lots of fun and LAUGHED my head off all day!

Testimony meeting was amazing as usual but this year we had a speaker named Sage Marley come and speak. She told us her story of how her family went camping and her trailer caught on fire while she was in it. She was 5 years old and her dad was outside watching her skin melt! He knew if he continued to watch she would die so he ran in and saved her. She was in a coma for 6 weeks. All the doctors she went to said she would most likely die and never walk again. She didn't believe them and walked again later in her life. She said while she was in her coma she had a dream that she went up some stairs and saw the savior. She went and sat on his lap and just hugged him and they talked for a while. It was such an amazing talk! She had her fingers, and an ear missing. She has melted skin and She never complained about her appearance! She always is optimistic and just happy to be alive! She really is such an example to me!

At camp we made pillow cases went swimming at a lake and just enjoyed each others company. I always have such a fun time and just love it!


Shannon said...

WOW what a great Girls Camp!! So is she in your ward out here?
Sounds like you had a Wonderful time as usual! I LOVED Girls camp!!

Heather said...

What a good experience, Al. Fun memories.

Todd Taylor said...

She was quite a courageous lady. Very inspiring. Glad I could spend some time up there with you.

Lizzie said...

Sage lived above me at BYU in Idaho. She was so nice, and like you said-never complained about anything!