Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Less than 2 weeks!

(tHANKS for the pic mom)
This past week we had fun at the Sheltons party, riding the go cart and having a sleepover or two! We have less than 2 weeks here in utah! its been really fun and i cant wait til next year!!


kt said...

That's a great photo!! I'm glad you've been having so much fun at all of your events--busy girl!

Molly said...

Can't wait till you guys come home! I am jealous of you guys though, you have been doing so much fun stuff!!

Todd Taylor said...

I like your dunebuggy. (Nacho)

Can you pull me into town sometime with your dunebuggy? (Kip)

Can you drive that dunebuggy over them mountains. (uncle rico)

AAAAhhhhh..... I dumped her. (and her dunebuggy) --uncle Rico

Dunebuggy powers....come to me! (Nacho)

Chancho.....I need to borrow your dunebuggy (Nacho)

Todd Taylor said...

I just like saying "dune buggy".