Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New House

Hello Everyone!
I haven't blogged in ages it seems! We just barely found the computer so get ready for some major blogging! I would post a lot of pics but my mom has not been taking pictures lately cause we have been so stinking busy. So as soon as we get the camera going i'll post a lot of pictures. So as of now this house is nice except for the scorpians. Ew. They freak the crap out of me and the worst ones are 1/4 of and inch long and less! So ya. I love my closet. I could fit a bed in that place! Plus it has lots of storage place! Heather i'll be sure to try one some time. Miss you all!
shannon love the face

1 comment:

Shannon said...

K.... so i obviously cannot look as cute as you doing that face!
We are missing you!!
You sound like your having a good time! Lets see some Pictures of the House and POOL Stuff!