Sunday, July 15, 2007

Church tears

Church was so sad today!!! Cuz today was the last day i was going to see half of my friends till next Year!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!! It was so sad!! But that just means ill be that much more excited to come up here and visit!!! See ya later gotta go to Shannons soon!


Todd Taylor said...

I'll bring you up from time to time. Love you Ally.

katie said...

ally taylor,
i miss you soooooooo much! saying goodbye to you was soooo hard! i luved to hear that you have a hannah montana toilet! so how is life with the scorpions?:) i luv you! its weird having your house empty. whenever you get your computer up you better have a commenting session with me! you will have to post like everyday because i will have to know whats going on in your life! i will tell you what happens in my lfe too! well i got to go but i luv you to death!luv you!!!!!!!
luv, your darling love, katie

Ally said...

Darling Katie:)
You are so stinking cute!! I'll call you when i get the internet at my house. Commenting will be quite fun! I cried all stinking day! I was so sad to leave you guys! But it's fun to be by my family up here! I love you so much! I might come up in August but it is a total surprise if i do so dont tell anyone!!! See ya later I love ya!

Shannon said...

Yah, i want to have a commenting session with you too!!!
Oh and i am hoping you really do come in August!!!
How are the Scorpions? Is chase and Brigham catching them?!
They are "Crasy" kids
Love you tons! AND MISS YOU TONS!!

Heather said...

We miss you so much! Man, this sharing with family is a stinky. You know, scorpions are a good source of protein. Just cut the stinger off and chomp away!