Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A little German for aunt Lizzie and Shannon

At school we switch off every quarter with a different language. I had Spanish first, then French, then Drama/Speech, and now German. Hallo Ich Heisse Ally. Wie hesst du?
(hello my name is Ally what is your name.) I also know all the colors, numbers, school supplies, Family members ect. I've actually learned the most in German. It's the easiest language for me. Today i finally finished testing! I'm so excited for the end of the school year! It's almost over!!!!!!!!!! I was also totally late for school today. THANKS FOR THE RIDE MOM! I also finished watching survivor today. I'm so mad at Dreamz he ticks me off! Well gotta go watch American Idol! I love the top three!


Molly said...

Ally sunshine...you make me laugh everytime I read your blog. I hope you voted for Jordin last night!

JT said...

German......honey, we are Spanish speakers in this house. German would make an appropriate 3rd or 4th language.

Love you sweetie pie.

JT said...

Ally...last post was from Dad.

Lizzie said...

So did she tak you on the scooter?? I agree with you on the whold Dreamz thing. Did he really think that after he did that to Yau the jury was gonna vote to give him a million?? He lost his integrity and never had a shot at the money..I was hoping some car company would give yau a car.

JT said...

Anytime Ally, a little heads up is helpful, though. Then you won't get a bed head mamma in pjs.

Shannon said...

I would have loved to see the BEAD HEAD mama in Pj's riding Ally on the Scooter to School! haha

I am LOVIN' American Idol right now! I think Jordin will win...but it really doesn't matter because they both have made it no matter what now!
Melinda was good, She just didn't have much of a Personality to me!

Good Job on your German! I know a couple of things, but I just can't spell them! ;)