Saturday, May 19, 2007

Busy and Tired

Sorry my blog's been a little late, i've been a little busy. I just have to say the top 2 finalist on American Idol are Flippin' Sweet! I Love them! I really don't care who wins 'cause they're both amazing! This week was Father and Sons so that means GIRLS NIGHT OUT! We went out to eat at Rumbi, then Target, then Fashion Place Mall. It was Awesome! I had tons of fun! We also went shopping a little this morning. Then after we got home i went outside and tanned. It wasn't too successful. I'll be tan in no time! I get my braces off on June 18, so less than one month!! I'm so Excited! School had been really fun lately too, because we're not even doing anything in my classes! So yeah. I've been having to get up early a few days this week because of Chorus. We have a concert on the 23, Wednesday. I'm not to thrilled. Parents are off to go on a date so i better go get the baby before she falls down the stairs! Thanks for all the comments Guys! Happy Birthday Coop and Cam!


Shannon said...

Braces off ALREADY? SWEET! You are so cute with Updating us all on your Sweet life! I would have to agree with the top 2 on american idol!

Super cute picture on your heading of your blog!

bj said...

you'll look so much better when you get you're braces off!(even though you already look good)