Monday, September 19, 2011

HOMECOMING with my boy MARK!

Definitely one of my favorite dances out of the 9 Ive been to.... yeah it was that great! After the ask, and the fun day activity at fossil springs... (flat tire, pulled over, broken toe, drunk guy at KFC, zoolander) came the real deal... the DANCE. After my meet, i came home to catch up on sleep! Woke up, went to PEI WEI with Stevie and Brandon, Went to see Courtney, got my hair did and waited for Prince Mark! We took a few pics...

After a delicious chicken dinner at Nicks, we went to the dance, said hello to people, and then headed off to the HYATT hotel in Scottsdale to... SWIM! it was way fun and the perfect activity to end the night! Mark was the PERFECT date and i was lucky to go with someone as great as him! Winter Formal... you have some tough competition.
Much love... Ally T. <3

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kt said...

So pretty! You have your mom's beautiful hands, too.