Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blake William Cowan.

(Farewell party)
Wednesday July 27 , 2011 Blake William Cowan left for the MTC to serve a mission in Buenos Aires, Argentina. and today i got my first LETTER from him! i am MORE than excited.
Blake has been the ideal friend since the day we met.
He was always there for me the second i needed him.
He was never afraid to be 100% honest with me.
He has the most CONTAGIOUS laugh ever.
He is a REMARKABLE runner.
He is SO patient. and EXTREMELY nice.
He loves the church.
He loves his family and friends.
He respects others.
He does what is right.
He always listens and has good advice.
He is the definition of a true friend.
The people in Argentina are lucky to have someone as great as Blake teach them the gospel. I can't wait to see him in two years.

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