Monday, June 27, 2011

Matthew Chad Willett (picture explosion)

Here are 17 great reasons why Matt Willett is one of my best Friends. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATT!
1. He is not afraid to take Mac pictures with me. GREAT quality.

 2. Matt Willett is always himself. No matter how crazy he gets.
 3. Matt Looks super flyyy at dances. He knows whats up.
 4. Matt loves to attend Toro activities and show his Spirit! 

 5. Matt has fun with just about anything. He is not that hard to please.
 6. Matt has great hair.
 7. Matt takes pictures with me even after i made fun of him all afternoon for not wearing his usual designer jeans.
 8. Matt always knows how to make me smile and be happy with myself.
 9. Matt is the craziest dancer there is.
 10. He lives to make others laugh. and he does a GREAT job.

 11. Matt is a ladies man and loves drivin his mini-coop
 12. Matt goes to get ice cream with me whenever I'm feeling a little bit down.
 13. Matt has the best style. Hard to come by in a male.
 14. Matt compliments me at least once a day. He never fails to make me feel good about myself.
 15. One of the greatest parts of being friends with Matt is his family. The Willetts are the best! I always feel so welcome at their home.
 16. Matt has a unique talent of riding and showing horses. and he also models a little bit.
 17. My favorite thing about Matt is knowing no matter what we do, we will always have a blast. Thank you Matthew Willett for being the best friend ever! I hope your 17 birthday is all you wished for!


Emma Karen said...

Hey, hey, hey. How about you two get married cause I really love you and your "best friend". Nice try, friend. (p to the s i wish your posts showed up on my feed.... :^/)

Anonymous said...

i really like this. i love you guys <3
<3 rachy rooo yo gangsta from da heightsss