Friday, December 10, 2010

Its the most wonderful time of the year...

So between thanksgiving, seminary, church, young women's, temple lights and Christmas, i really am starting to be grateful for a myriad of things. The older i get, the more i notice things to be thankful for. I love this time of year when i have the chance to use all the blessing and talents i have to serve someone in need. I'm thankful..
1. for the gospel in my life. I cant imagine living without the guidance it brings me in my everyday life.
2. For my family and all they give and teach me. I cant imagine living life with a family other than my own.
3. For school and the blessing it is to learn, even though i TOTALLY hate it most of the time.
4. Friends and the impacts they have on my life.
5. Seminary and my teacher for strengthening my testimony more and more each day.
6. The temple and the spirit felt there.
Note to self.
Be grateful. Serve with a smile. Be happy, its the holidays.
allysunshine <3

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