Tuesday, September 14, 2010


... of the year award goes to ME. wow. long time nooo bloggy. ooooppppsss.
SO. to fill you in on the glorious life of ally, i will start with my birthday!
It all started the day before my birthday. The family and i went to CRACKERS for breakfast. i am a total fan. SO good all the time. love it. afterwards, i went shopping with my mother, brookie, and my friends Paige and Kelsey. Lets just say we had a little trouble finding them some homecoming dresses. After shopping, i went to neilsens with my glorious friends! It was a great time. Especially when paige sang me a HAPPY 14 BIRTHDAY song. Oh how i adore my friends. SUNDAY my actual birthday was alright. you cant expect much on a fast-sunday birthday! but you deal with what you get and make the best of it!
 The day improved as aubree came over, then my grandparents, then a group of 30 of my friends. I LOVE having so many awesome friends. anyways, we had ice cream sandwiches and such.
Monday we had no school so what better way to celebrate then by just dance at 8 am with Derek and Trent?! It is pretty much tradition by now. Later on that day, i went to a family bbq at Melissa's. SUPER FUN. love that beeson bunch. After THAT bbq, i went to one with our family friends! Not too shabby!
Saturday i also had my DAY ACTIVITY!  Lets just say that was one of the absolute best dates of my life. Not to mention i got to go with one of my best friends Derek john!  After eating pizza, playing games, stealing tickets, getting tootie fruties, meeting shanda, having a "scavenger hunt", finding the biggest weiner ever, and making some random lady at QT sing, you could say i had a blast. That was only the beginning! Afterwards, Sterling Smiths Grandpa came and hypnotized a majority of my friends. I dont think i have laughed so hard in my life. There is nothing like seeing Colton Taylor think his feet are on fire, or Kendall Brown thinking his shoe was a phone, or Trent thinking he was as stiff as a board, or Hunter Banks thinking he was a cheerleader, or Hunter knight and sterling smith thinking the police were after them, or Jen thinking she had to go to the bathroom, or Caitlyn crying in model competition. I loved that date.
Stressful week. Gotta get my game together.
peace and blessins


emmakaren said...

You're gorgeous. Ana I adore you. So happy we're stuco friends. And soooo proud of you for standing up for yourself against old tamera! It made my heart swell with joy. :) You get 'em Ally girl! :) Lots of love! :)

emmakaren said...
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