Monday, February 15, 2010

Day of Loveee

Yes. that means Valentines Day. Easily voted the tackiest, cheesiest holiday. Good thing im all about cheesy! haha but anyways.. As everyone already knows Valentines Day was on a sunday. This particular Sunday was different. I had to sing in sacrament meeting. i DO NOT like to sing in front of people dont ask me why i just dont... anyways for some reason i wasnt even nervous at all! Maybe because it wasnt in my home ward... but still! Before singing my sweet old Bishop Goodman said how he missed the taylor family and i think that made me feel right at home. Thanks bishop. But anyways i sang He Knows Me with amanda horvath amanda pierce and dannika neilson. It was good except for the fact my legs would not stop shaking! haha oh well. more practice will make it easier. Why not share your talents heavenly father gave you?! Anyways.. after church we had a big family party. There is nothing like seeing grandma jam out to Beatles Rockband. What a party! After the party i was just practicing the piano and i looked at my phone and had 4 missed calls.. i look out side and find this cute plate of cookies.

I no longer think of Valentines Day as stupid. Hahah my "valentine" Nick Olson came back over and we delivered some cookies to people in the neighborhood. But anyways.. Thank you Nick for the best Valentines Day Ive had!

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kt said...

I wish I could have heard you sing! I bet it was great. You're Mom is an amazing singer but gets nervous too:) Glad you had a fun day. It's a certain Bro. Beeson book that gets me throught the holiday in fine fashion.