Thursday, December 17, 2009


SO December 11 was a great day. Wake up eat breakfast and go to the DMV. Toddd and i walk in and i was nervous as heck! I go give the guy my license plate number and part of it is YWF, as i tell him that he says does that stand for yes we fail? hah i was like ummm... i sure hope not!
i go get the car and do a three point turn. easy cheese! then he gets in the car.. his name was chuck. haha so me and chuck took a little drive around the block as he tells me of his trip to Utah in 07! As driving all i am thinking is seriously chuck i love this story but i just want my license! After our little drive we pull back in the parking lot and he says the greatest 2 words ever. YOU PASS! i was ready to just jump out the car and start dancing! Best early christmas gift ever! Now i just have to get on the insurance so i can drive...! hopefully soon! more finals tomorrow then christmas break. halllllllelujah!

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