Sunday, November 22, 2009

my 4th date.

Sooo. Last night i had a date with my buddy dallin montierth. We started the night by getting lost trying to find nate tingeys date, Cassidy Brown! what a good first impression! haha but we finally got her 10 minutes late and headed straight to fudruckers. their hamburger buns are so delicious. oh my. anyways.. after that we went bowling. For some reason i hate bowling usually, it makes me so self conscious. dont ask why, so i decided to bowl backward between my legs the whole game. i won. oddly enough! after bowling we went to nielsens
(neilsons?) for concretes! then we left to take cassidy home. we pull up to her house and nate gets out to open her door. trying to be cool he opens the door without looking and accidently opened my door instead of his dates... haha it was really funny! Overall it was a good time.. more later.

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