Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wow ally!

im pretty sure i win the award for worst blogging ever. i guess i have been so busy starting highschool! i would much rather stay at jr,high but this is such a good experience for me. im thankful for the challenges and trials i will face as the years come. But ya! im taking some hard classes like algebra 2 and college prep chemistry and its going to take up a lot of time! i also am spending lots of time working! i love the cute girls i work with and i love having money! haha. but ive recently been on 3 dates and it is so different! 2 were deffinately more fun than the others but thats okay! i also recieved my partiarchal blessing this week. it was the best experience of my life. i know how sacred it is and how much it will guide me through my life. i love my friends. ive found a group that i fit in with and that i know i can be myself with. Mackenzie is still one of my best friends i just havent seen her for a long time but i still love you mack daddy! i hang out a lot with Aubree allen and america hansen. America i just met this year and she is such a fun person. i love all the new friends i am making and hope to keep them for a long time! homecoming is this week and im so excited! aHHH! since the day of the dance is on conferenve that is our day activity! watching general conference! haha we will see how that turns out! Also i love seminary so much. I love my awesome teacher and the spirit that is felt in his class. My family is the most important thing to me now and i love building a stronger bond with my mom and dad and sweet siblings. Hopefully i will make time to keep blogging so i can remember my teenage years!

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Anonymous said...

i love your blog.
<3 abby