Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Kurt Me and ALyssa

the best biology friends ever! i love them. and our pig wilberta

some random picture with marissa

today in biology we disected pigs! I actually liked it a litte. At first i wanted nothing to do with it and then when the only boy in our group kinda got grossed out i took over and enjoyed myself! We had to take out all the organs and we unrolled the intestines to 8 feet! it was really cool to see whats inside the bodies! Its just like a smaller version of ours! THe worst part of it all was the smell. it was nastyyy! haha cant wait to disect some more!
p.s. tomorrow is the last day of school!

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BrOoKe said...

Ally!! You are sooo cute!!! We disected those pigs in my biology class to!!! It was discusting!!! But I disected it.... it was interesting! haha