Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Grandpa and conference weekend!

What a long bloggin break! haha um schools been busy... lots of testing which is a total pain in the butttttt!!! I had a fun weekend with molly, todd,lizzie,and grandma! we went shopping and out to eat! Molly's new house was filled with laughs and conference! Conference this year was especially good... maybe because i actually paid attention this year! Haha and then saturday we had a birhtday party for grandpa!

Grandpa David Beeson is probably the best grandpa ever! We've always got along since the time he first called me Lard-butt which was when i was born! He always has a smile on his face and in all my life i have never seen him get upset or angry! He is a very easy going guy! My favortie memories with him include going shopping and getting a special treat! i always looked forward to that! We always have good laughs and he comes and supports me at basketball games, and track meets! It's extra fun to have people come watch even though it might not be on their top of things to do! But grandpa is the best and i love you! hope you have a good 70th! (Born on april 6)

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Molly said...

How old is that picture!? You look young! Thanks for coming to our new house, you are welcome anytime!! Your mom and I have a great dad, don't we!? Love you!