Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Grama SEMINARY TEACHER! pasta party

Hello fellow Bloggas!

First off happy birthday Grama Bee!! You are pretty much the best! i love spending all this time with you! You are as good as they come! i love you!
Nothing much is going on just going to school haha! Tomorrow we have our FIRST afternoon C.C. meet which is going to be killer because it will be SmoKiN HOT!!! And i am very very nervous ..... anyways

Today i found out my favorite teacher in the world is not going to be teaching anymore! And its my seminary teacher! He told us today that he wouldnt be teaching and i started crying! it was so sad, then he made me play a hymn and we sang 152 god be with you til we meet again! i couldnt even sing it really was so sad! What a sad life!

On a happier note..
October Break is coming up and im going to CALI! Now i can hopefully even out my nast C.C. tan...

Tonight we also had our cross country pasta party and Abby tucker and i turned on some Hannah Montana and Hairspray and had a little party! very fun! well thats all for now! see ya later!

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