Sunday, October 26, 2008

Talk Meet and School Carni

Today and on this GREAT Sunday i have to give a talk. I'm not nervous or anything. Still waiting for it all to sink in i guess! on another note..

Final Cross Country meet on Friday. Girls were undefeated all season. We went and raced and got beat by one of the most unexpected teams! The girls team of '08 ruined a 8 year winning streak. OUCH. Our boys team won which was great but losing after being undefeated.... not to thrilled. But it was a fun season overall. And special thanks to Grandparents and Molly and todd for comin to watch! it meant a lot!

After our meet i had to go to our schools little Halloween carnival for student council. At the carnival They had a booth where you could pie the cheerleaders in the face! so of course everyone just stands around and watches. It was really funny until people thought it would be fun to get Mackenzie ally and Kelsey (student council) also... Lets say i went home with a sweaty, whip cream covered head. But it was fun and all the kids liked it so Halloween Carnival next year no whip cream.

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Lacey's Blog said...

You guys did so good though!