Monday, October 20, 2008

cc meet at Powell.

Jeff and ally
HOT. thats what it was. HOT

Ally Abby Cami

Rj and skyyyyy


AbbSTUHH said...

more more more

laceys blog said...

haha ally i love your blog it is always so cut! Good job in the meet too! Running in city on friday??

Shannon said...

Hey who is that cute boy running with Napoleon?! haha

I am so impressed with all of your running! I am hoping you will be ready for the August Half Marathon. That would be so fun to run it with you!!

Could you be any Prettier?! Especially all sweaty, you look Beautiful!

laceys blog said...

Hi Ally!!
Is Stephanie (Lances wife!) How are you? Cute blog! Love all the fun pictures! Hope everything is going well with you... and remember BOYS ARE BAD!